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February 4, 2021

Four stories to read this weekend, chosen by our editors

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A smiling older couple holds up postcards that say I Got My Shot

Frontline health care workers bring in 65+ family members for COVID-19 vaccine

As COVID-19 vaccination efforts continue to expand across the country, Keck Medicine of USC is following guidance from the CDC and the state and county departments of public health, as well as caring for its employees — and the employees' loved ones.

Two smiling young women flank a smiling older man

In Memoriam: Walter Cathey, PharmD

Pharmacist, business owner and civic leader Walter Cathey, PharmD, who led the USC School of Pharmacy's diversity initiative for nearly a decade, died Dec. 25. He was 83.

A drawing of a brain cross-section is labeled with the names of regions

Study: Children with autism have less activity in brain region that observes, simulates movements

A brain region responsible for processing visual observations of others' movements then mapping those movements upon one's own body schema is significantly less activated in children with autism spectrum disorder, a new study finds.

An illustration of a seated man holding a tablet is seen from above

What will your telehealth visit look like?

Videoconferencing technology has expanded its reach into our daily lives over the past year. But for some, the idea of a telehealth visit with their care provider is still an unknown. Read about how four Keck Medicine programs have adapted their practice in the current issue of USC Health, and find tips from our colleagues at Children's Hospital Los Angeles about what to expect during a pediatric telehealth visit.

Featured Event

Wellness of You! @ USC HSC: Sleep for Restoring Burnout

Date: Friday, Feb. 5

Time: Noon

Sponsors: Mindful USC and Norris Medical Library

Panelist: Sara Ivanhoe, MA, director of Yoga USC

Info and RSVP: Click here for a full calendar of events and to RSVP. Questions, contact ksaric@usc.edu

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