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April 22, 2021

Four stories to read this weekend, chosen by our editors

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A man is flanked by his young teenage sons

Surgeons go 'beyond the book' to save patient's hand

It started in 2019 as just a dime-sized lump on his wrist. Jose Contreras had no idea that it would eventually lead him to two world-class specialists at Keck Medicine of USC.

A man sits under a patio umbrella

USC celebrates Robert E. Maxson's lifetime of achievement and adventure

The 2021 USC Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award recipient has an understated explanation for why he's flown so many planes, sailed so many boats, skied so many mountains, played so many guitars, taken so many trips to Antarctica, and studied so many different aspects of developmental biology. "I'm drawn to things that take all my attention, and things that are demanding in a fun way."

An oil well is fenced off with homes in the background

L.A.'s legacy of oil drilling impacts lung function in residents living near active and inactive wells

A new USC study links living by urban oil wells with wheezing and reduced lung function, symptoms disproportionately borne by people of color in Los Angeles. In some cases, the respiratory harm rivals that of daily exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke or living beside highways spewing auto exhaust.

An assembled human-like fossilized skeleton

Analysis of famous fossil helps unlock when humans and apes diverged

A long-awaited, high-tech analysis of the upper body of famed fossil Little Foot opens a window to a pivotal period when human ancestors diverged from apes, new USC research shows. Little Foot's shoulder assembly proved key to interpreting an early branch of the human evolutionary tree.

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The David A. Goldstein Memorial Lecture: Knowing When Less is More

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Speaker: Shannon Brownlee, MSc

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