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Aug. 11, 2022

Four stories to read this weekend, chosen by our editors

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A young woman beams as a doctor fits her with a white coat

Keck School of Medicine of USC welcomes the Class of 2026

The 186 students making up the Class of 2026 donned their white coats for the first time on Aug. 5 at the Keck School of Medicine of USC's annual white coat ceremony, a rite of passage that symbolizes official entry to the medical profession. It was also the school's first white coat ceremony under the leadership of Dean Carolyn Meltzer, MD.

An X-ray depiction of a human torso shows a red liver

Synthetic 'forever chemical' linked to liver cancer

Exposure to a synthetic chemical used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products is linked to non-viral hepatocellular carcinoma — the most common type of liver cancer — according to a recent study conducted by researchers from the Keck School. The findings were published in JHEP Reports.

A pile of gummies rests on a white surface

Edible nicotine products rank No. 2 for U.S. teens using nicotine

Researchers at the Keck School conducted a study of the popularity of flavored nicotine gums, lozenges and gummies among teens. The findings showed that a preference for edible nicotine products, which contain no tobacco, was second only to e-cigarettes in this age group. The study was published this week in the journal Pediatrics.

A close-up view shows dialysis tubes

Medicare Advantage plans pay big markups for dialysis

Large dialysis chains charge Medicare Advantage plans 27% more for services compared to what they charge the traditional, fee-for-service Medicare program, according to a new USC analysis published in the journal Health Affairs. Two large providers dominate the dialysis market, giving them leverage to negotiate the higher Medicare Advantage payments.

Featured Event

USC School of Pharmacy

Date: Thursday, Aug. 18

Time: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Topic: The World of Code: The Impact of Pharmacogenomics and Computational Methods on Pharmaceutical Sciences

Summary: The 21st annual symposium will focus on exciting advances in pharmaceutical science that have been shaped by genetic code and/or computer code. There will also be a presentation competition for the Young Investigator Awards, open to all attendees.

Location: Webinar

Info and RSVP: For more information, visit movingtargets.la. To RSVP, click here. To RSVP for the Young Investigator Awards, click here.

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