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September 9, 2021

Four stories to read this weekend, chosen by our editors

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A silhouette of two people made out of multicolored pills

Study: Risk of opioid overdose appears higher in older Americans

Recent research led by USC School of Pharmacy faculty member Dima M. Qato revealed that although high-risk prescription opioid use has declined, nearly 1 in 10 adults were taking opioids that puts them at increased risk from an opioid overdose in 2016.

An illustration of a person touching their face while working at a laptop

Two experts answer The Big Question: How to care for eyes amid increased screen time

After a year that included remote work and learning, as well as a substantial uptick in screen-based social gatherings and entertainment, two physicians from Keck Medicine of USC answer The Big Question: What's the best way to care for my eyes if my screen time has increased?

A masked woman in scrubs administers a shot to a masked elderly woman

Want less pandemic stress? Consider getting vaccinated

A new study found that those who received a COVID-19 vaccine when the shots were first made available experienced reduced anxiety after just one dose. While the vaccine's expected physical benefits are obvious, the resulting mental health benefits have received less consideration until now.

A row of registers at a dispensary

California dispensaries lack adequate screening to keep out minors

Kids are banned from cannabis dispensaries and shielded from cannabis marketing, but those statewide restrictions aren't working as well as policymakers had hoped, according to new research that evaluates how these regulations have held up five years after voters legalized cannabis in California.

Featured Event

The UNSPEAKABLE Series: A Conversation on Empathy, Loss and Friendship

Time: Noon

Date: Thursday, September 16

Speaker: Sigrid Nunez, 2018 National Book Award winner

Sponsor: USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Location: Webinar

Info and RSVP: For information, contact Mary Aalto. To register, click here.

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